Dan Buttery, a well-known metal fabricator and artist, intends to gift the village a “Lewiston Landing” sign for North Water Street. With Dan’s notable work in Lewiston at Gallo Coal Fire Kitchen and Brickyard Brewing Co and other local businesses and his altar matter, he was given the great opportunity to make this “Lewiston Landing” piece for Lewiston. Here is the description of the Lewiston Landing piece.
Custom made block lettering “LEWISTON” will be 48 inches tall and “LANDING” will be 36 inches tall. Lettering will be separate pieces. Lettering will be a green copper patina to blend in with the natural scape.  The fish will be made from stainless steel which will be 10 different layers to make them stand out and 3 dimensional. Lettering will be raised off the ground with a pedestal that will be mounted to a concrete base. The sign’s total length was pegged at 20-25 feet – the width of the step-garden next to the fish-cleaning station
He recently made the metal piece for poet Robert Giannetti’s “Peace Garden” poem and custom plaques for the new Lewiston Playground.
In addition to generating community pride, Buttery said the “Lewiston Landing” sign would make a great selfie spot.
“You see when people are on vacation, they try to find somewhere that they can take a picture to say that’s where they’re at,” he explained. “There’s probably nothing in Lewiston to say, ‘Hey, I’m in Lewiston, New York.’ Something like this, with the exposure down there, people are going to be taking pictures with it. It’s going to be a staple for years to come.”
The Lewiston-Porter High School graduate said similar metal art pieces normally cost in the $50000-$70000 range possibly more. Material cost will be approximately $30000.00. I will be donating my time for this project. If you would like to donate, You can write a check to DB Designs, address is 653 Pletcher Rd, Lewiston NY 14092 or you can scan the Vemno code above. Dan will be having a fund raiser at Gallo Coal Fire Kitchen, check out his page on Facebook, Black Lab Metal Fab for details.


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