Black Lab Metal Fab


 Chevelle Keera aka Boogie, Boogie Bear, Baby Girl (December 2, 2009-December 11, 2020)

Black Lab Metal Fab was inspired from Chevelle; my Black Lab, that is a subdivision of DB Designs that uses 25+ years in metal shaping, mig & tig welding, automotive restoration, woodworking, and painting skills to create one off metal art pieces. Whatever your imagination comes up with, my business is here to make your dreams come true. I strive for perfection in what I create. I have learned and was inspired from the best people to create what I make. The sky is the limit to what I can make. Here are a  few examples


Robert B Russell sign for Lewiston Porter High School Auditorium

Lancer Metal Sculpture in the Middle School done by Michael Hibbard  and myself

Click on picture above for the article in the Niagara Gazette talking about the metal sculpture and art gallery at Lewiston Porter

Metal Sculpture in collaboration with Michael Hibbard for the Center of the Arts at Lewiston Porter High School

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Lewiston Porter Lancer - Stainless background on the helmet with regular metal with a candy green grinded background