Black Lab Metal Fab

Black Lab Metal Fab was inspired from Chevelle, my Black Lab that is a subdivision of DB Designs that uses 20+ years in metal shaping, mig & tig welding, automotive restoration, and painting skills to create one off metal art pieces. Whatever your imagination comes up with, my business is here to make your dreams come true. I strive for perfection in what i create. I have learned and was inspired from the best people to create what i make. The sky is the limit to what i can make. Here are a  few examples

Metal Sculpture in collaboration with Michael Hibbard for the Center of the Arts at Lewiston Porter High School

Lewiston Porter Lancer - Stainless background on the helmet with regular metal with a candy green grinded background

Click on picture above for the article in the Niagara Gazette talking about the metal sculpture and art gallery at Lewiston Porter

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